If wavelength has been determined to generate the beams extent of infiltration, than the power predisposes the superabundance at the intended depth.

Having one without the other is a futile attempt to obtain a satisfactory result.

The power of the laser equates to a specific number of photons that can be delivered over an assemblage of time.

Placed energy is measured in Joules.

1 watt of power equates to 1 Joule of energy per second. Beginning with more watts of power at the surface level equates to more ingression to the relevant depth.


Simply stated, a 10w deliverance of Medray power would give 600 Joules of therapeutic energy to the desired cellular level in one minute.

A Class IIIb laser at 500mw, would take 20 minutes to deliver the same amount of healing energy, that MEDRAY does in one minute.

This equates to faster treatment and healing times.

Wavelength, skin penetration and laser power can be compared to simple mechanics that are true in several applications.

Imagine your skin as a board.  The wavelength is a nail and the power emitted by the laser is a hammer.  There is no way for the nail (wavelength) to penetrate the board (your skin) without the power of the hammer (laser power in watts).

No matter the size of nail (wavelength), or its potential to penetrate, it cannot do so without the hammer (laser power in watts).  This is a basic law of physics and applied mechanics.

D=WL x P x T (Depth = Wavelength x Power x Time)

It should be noted that many Class IIIb laser manufacturers talk about the problems associated with Class IV laser. such as too much power.

Yet, they then preach about how their laser can “super pulse” into Class IV parameters and beyond.

They want to continually be compared to Class IV laser therapy because of it’s obvious benefits such as short treatment times and faster healing and pain relief but they then degrade Class IV laser for the same reasons they want to be compared with.