The Superiority of Class IV Lasers for Pain Relief and Healing

In the realm of non-invasive therapeutic solutions for doctors, Class IV Lasers stand out as a powerful and effective choice for addressing musculoskeletal problems, offering superior benefits and efficacy compared to their counterparts, Cold Lasers (also, referred to as Class 3 Lasers, Class IIIb Lasers, or Class 4 Cold Laser Therapy). Further, Class IV Lasers are also utilized by many veterinarians as a Veterinary Laser or Equine Laser based on its efficacy for treating animals with conditions such as arthritis.

Class IV Lasers vs. Cold Lasers: Unveiling the Difference

1.Class IV Lasers are Far More Powerful Than Cold Laser Therapy
Class 4 Lasers have higher wattage, providing superior power as compared to its Cold Laser counterparts. The additional wattage directly impacts Class IV Lasers ability to penetrate tissue deeper and get to the root of any chronic pain condition. As a result of their power, Class IV Lasers actually can heal some pain-causing chronic conditions at their source through a process called Photobiomodulation.

2.Class IV Laser Therapy Substantially Cuts Treatment Time
For practitioners like chiropractors and physical therapists, Class IV Lasers allow doctors to cut treatment time substantially with far greater results. For most conditions, for every 1-minute treatment on a Class IV Laser, a Cold Laser would take at least 20 minutes; however, a Class 4 Laser will still have far better results than its counterpart since its superior power (wattage) allows it to penetrate much deeper than a Cold Laser.

3.Class 4 Lasers Penetrate Utilizing Heat
One major difference between Class IV Lasers and Class 3 Cold Lasers is that the former utilizes heat to penetrate deep into the tissue. The heat is also something patients find soothing during treatment especially when patients find soothing during treatment especially when applied to areas dealing with pain. It should be noted that there is no such thing as Class 4 Cold Laser Therapy or a legitimate company that has a Class 4 Cold Laser for Sale.
Don’t let the use of heat scare you as most major Class IV Laser companies like Medray Laser & Technology have built in simple treatment and safety protocols to protect both the doctor and patient from any type of thermal overload or burn. If you are new to Class IV Laser Therapy, a CLE or other training certification is recommended.

Class IV Lasers for Intensive Therapy

Class 4 Lasers deliver a higher power output compared to Cold Lasers, providing a deeper penetration into tissues. This characteristic makes them exceptionally effective in targeting pain at its source and promoting accelerated healing. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and med spas leveraging Class IV Lasers benefit from their ability to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions with precision.

Cold Lasers: Limited Penetration, Limited Results

Cold lasers or a Cold Laser Therapy Device, typically have lower power outputs (known as wattage), limiting their maximum penetration depth. This can result in a less impactful therapeutic effect, especially for conditions that require a more intensive approach. While Cold Laser Therapy Devices have their place in certain applications, they may fall short in delivering the robust results achieved with Class IV Lasers.

Additionally, Cold Laser Therapy is sometimes incorrectly referred to by some as Class 4 Cold Laser Therapy although it is not utilizing a Class IV Laser. Therefore, you must always research the laser company you choose to buy from especially if they are advertising a Class 4 Cold Laser for Sale as such a device does not exist on the market.

Why Choose Class IV Lasers?

Optimal Treatment Depth: Class IV lasers penetrate deeper into tissues, reaching the root of the problem for more effective pain relief and can actually heal certain conditions causing an individual pain.

Versatility: A Class 4 Laser for Sale (not to be confused with a Class 4 Cold Laser for Sale) provides versatility, catering to a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal issues with customizable treatment protocols.

Efficiency: Class IV lasers reduce treatment times, allowing for quick, yet comprehensive, therapeutic sessions. For practitioners, this allows you to see more patients while charging a premium for your services.

When seeking a powerful and efficient solution for pain relief and musculoskeletal healing, investing in a Class IV Laser Therapy Device proves to be a wise choice. Its superior capabilities make it a preferred option for chiropractors, physical therapists, and med spas aiming to deliver exceptional results for their patients. Further, many veterinarians have had much success utilizing Class IV Lasers as a Veterinary Laser or Equine Laser based on its superior ability to treat chronic conditions in animals such as dogs and horses.