If you are considering adding laser therapy to your practice, or upgrading to the latest, easy-to-use technology, then MEDRAY T3 is for you, you, your practice, and your patients.

We are offering this laser with zero hype, no salesman mumbo-jumbo… simply the most innovative, and affordable 45w laser available!

BONUS!  Only with the MEDRAY T3 will you also receive free S.T.A.R. hands-free software!


45w of power with triple wavelength strength: 810, 915, 1064

Pre-loaded patient education videos

Create and save your patient database

Turbo Mode – real super pulsing

Continuous, pulsed and, turbo treatment modes

Multiple treatment applicators

Fully editable treatment parameters

FREE hands-free S.T.A.R. treatment system ($1,995 value)

Training/Certification course included

Learn how to create a branded laser treatment center

Turnkey marketing tool kit included


With the MEDRAY T3, you will have one of the best technical lasers made, yet with complete ease and simplicity of use for you and your staff.  There are no long or difficult learning curves and treatment is as easy as turn on – enter log in – choose body part – choose pain level and skin type press standby and you’re ready to treat.  The MEDRAY T3 also gives you the ability to make a database of your patients.  You can also modify, change, and save any and all treatment parameters.  You can treat in Pulsed, Continuous wave, Repeat, and our fabulous new TURBO MODE.

There is a tremendous amount of techno babble floating around regarding “super pulsing”.  Many Class IIIb laser companies talk about having the ability to give 200w of power with a 500mw diode while so called super pulsing at a billion times per second.  First of all, there is no scientific research that says pulsing a billionth of a second has any therapeutic value if it is possible to do this at all.  Secondly, even when asked, many manufacturers cannot give the scientific bases of super pulsing nor how a laser can literally pulse a beam at a billionth of a second.

Many laser manufactures, especially Class IIIb will claim very high “PEAK POWER” levels for example 25,000mW – 50,000mW; or 25 – 50w appearing to equal a Class IV therapy laser power level, but offering a “safer” treatment. This may sound impressive or the optimum way to treat, but these lasers emit only 10-100 mW AVERAGE POWER, and average power is the main factor for clinical effectiveness.  Average power is figured by knowing the Peak Power, the Pulse Frequency and the Pulse Duration. At 50,000 mW peak power, the Average Output Power is only 0.050 mW, or fifty millionths of one Watt.  With this very low average power it will take twenty thousand seconds (5.6 hours) for this laser to deliver one Joule.  In significant contrast, a Class IV therapy laser, likes the MEDRAY T3, provides 6,000 joules in 10 minutes at 10 watts on continuous wave (CW).

Many low powered lasers must be held in one place to deliver a sufficient quantity of joules of energy to start the biological cascade of healing mechanisms. If the laser has sufficient average power such as the MEDRAY T3, then it will produce the effective dosage much more effectively and quickly.

The TURBO PULSING mode, and a feature found only on the MEDRAY T3, starts with one minute of continuous wave treatment.  The MEDRAY T3 then goes into TURBO MODE, a special high pulsed, higher watt power treatment for only 15 seconds.  You can see the joules counter move even more rapidly when TURBO MODE goes into effect. There are no ridiculous claims, no unproven treatment methods or statements, just real laser treatments that can be proven, shown, and felt.

The MEDRAY T3 comes in a fantastic carrying case, all supplies, three pair of laser goggles, training, and even a free fantastic certification course.  This is one of the strongest, best priced, and complete therapeutic Class IV lasers found from any manufacturer at any price.

The MEDRAY T3 is fully priced with everything for only $23,995.  Compare the T3 with any laser manufactured by any company and you will see that the MEDRAY T3 compares in every way and often has more features, and is priced at least $15,000 less then the nearest priced 45 watt therapeutic laser.   Remember what we say.