MEDRAY PEMF is a state-of-the-art, hospital-quality-grade treatment device that brings PEMF therapy into another zone of healing.

MEDRAY PEMF pulses a magnetic field into the body, creating an extraordinary healing effect. 

The results are less pain, reduction in swelling, and increased ranges of motion in affected areas.  Damaged cells are re-energized by boosting electrical charges with the cell that restores it to its normal healthy state.  Cellular metabolism increases, blood cells are regenerated, circulation is improved and absorption of oxygen is increased by upwards of 200%.  The immune system becomes healthier and the liver, kidneys and color are better able to eliminate waste and toxins.

The body is basically an electrical machine.  All parts, all cells run with, through, and by electrical charges.  All cells have a life span that varies from daily to several years.  In order to function, cells need to be kept in a healthy state, and new cells produced in a healthy environment.  When the electrical aspect or energy of the cell is disrupted, it causes impaired cellular metabolism and activity.

Producing energy is the basic function of a cell.  This energy is used to eliminate was products, and to simply repair and re nourish itself.  A proper PEMF or magnetic field causes the movement of ions in the different tissues of the body.  These ions can be moved without effort by PEMF.  The movement of ions stimulates an array of both electrical and chemical actions to all areas of the body.

The energy element of the cell is ATP.  It is necessary for function as to sustain life. ATP regulates cell action by moving chemical energies with the cells.  If the volume of ATP  is low in the cell, it causes cellular “illness” and decreases the cells ability to heal, function, and regenerate.  The use of the proper PEMF device can raise the cellular energy level by up to 500%.

The MEDRAY PEMF therapy loop is positioned over the are of pain while the patient can remain full clothed.  Direct skin contact is not needed or necessary.  High energy magnetic pulses are then transmitted into the body.

Normal sessions take from 5 – 20 minutes.
Most patients are noticing a change within 6 – 8 visits.

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  • Reduces pain

  • Improves superficial and deep blood circulation

  • Improves tissue regeneration

  • Stimulates venous and lymphatic drainage

  • Affects the restoration of metabolic balance activity



  • Treats a wide range of conditions

  • Presets for fast and easy operation; quick & easy training

  • Clinical and hospital-grade quality

  • Adjustable treatment arm

  • Editable parameters

  • Large touchscreen display of 10.4″

  • Affordable

  • Cash service

  • High-tech equipment for patient “wow factor”

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