The Chiroma is an 8 Section Chiropractic Table (Electric) with 4 Sections of Adjustable Tension with Drops at the (1) Head (2) Thorax (3) Abdomen Sections.

Acculfex is pleased to team with one of our partners, and introduce the CHIROMA stationary – elevation – drop table.

The Chiroma provides professional chiropractor with the simplicity of use with a wide variety of features.  Not only does the table come with full drops, but elevation as well which helps qualify for the ADA tax credit.  This is a very loaded table for the price.

The Chiroma comes equipped with a cervical drop that also has a tilt and elevation feature.  A thoracic drop, a lumbar drop, and finally a pelvic drop.  All drops can be cocked from either side of the table.

The elevation feature comes standard with a hand control and two buttons, or choose the optional dual foot controls for only $75 more, so you can raise the table from either side.

The Chiroma table can be ordered in Navy, Black, Gray, Beige, and Burgundy.



  • Equipped with 1 Motorized Actuator for Hi/Lo Adj. And now 2 motors, one for head piece and one for the pelvic

  • Adjustable Tension Drop – Cervical, Dorsal (Thoracic), Lumbar, Pelvic

  • Twin “Oversized” Pillars for Added Stability

  • 2 * Individual Leveling Foot at Head Section

  • 2 * Hauling Wheels at the Rear Section

  • Designed to be lifted and moved around by lifting JUST the Arm Rest

  • Maximum Load Capacity of 225 kgs / 496 lbs

  • Warranty Period (Years):

    • 1 yr on Mechanical Parts

    • 2 yrs on Electronics

    • 3 yrs on Frame

  • 100~240VAC (Universal Voltage)

  • Plug Type: US Plug


  • Head Section Length: 310mm / 12.20”

  • Arm Rest Length: 410mm / 16.14”

  • Thoracic Section Length: 190mm / 7.48”

  • Abdominal Section Length: 220mm / 8.66”

  • Lumbar & Leg Section Length: 580mm / 22.83”

  • Ankle Section Length: 120mm / 4.72”

  • Total Length: 1600mm / 63”

  • Head Tilt Angles: -15º to +15º

  • Head Elevation:100mm / 3.93” inch

  • Head-Drop Travel Range: 220mm / 8.66” inch

  • Thoracic-Drop Travel Range:250mm / 9.84” inch

  • Abdominal-Drop Travel Range: 250mm / 9.84” inch

  • Lumbar & Leg- Drop Travel Range: 170mm / 6.69” inch

  • Lumbar & Leg Tilt / Lift Angle: 0º to 15º

  • Ankle Section Extension Range: 280mm / 11.02” inch